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To build a more vibrant Midwest by amplifying the voices of its citizens.


Helping local artists to create a worldwide stage in their own backyard.


Cartier Pitts is a native from  Cleveland, Ohio. Pitts  attended The Ohio State University where she studied Arts Management with minors in Spanish, Dance and Music, Media and Enterprise (MME) minor hopes of working in the global music business as an A&R. She began getting her feet wet in the music industry in Columbus with managing other college students in the autumn of 2018. Pitts officially obtained the LLC for Carnelian Productions during her junior year in March 2019. 


As Pitts began to participate in the local music scene, she realized that there were not many formal opportunities for new managers to collaborate with artists in Columbus. She also learned that there were not many avenues for musicians that performed rap and R&B to get their music heard in Columbus. Carnelian Productions was made to give  other motivated arts managers and overlooked musicians  an opportunity to turn their passions into a fruitful career. CP was made with millennial or Gen-Z musicians of minoritized identities including but not limited to women, people of color & the LGBT+ community in mind, specifically those  who are serious about starting their music careers but cannot move to a well-known music city.

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